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I started Shy Butterfly in an effort to start  healing...healing myself and the world around me after a year into the pandemic and so much brokenness in our world.  As a musician by trade, it was devastating to be not just cut off from my work due to Covid, but cut off from my passion...connecting with people.  Yes, I kept singing and creating in my home, hopeful of brighter days to come...but it isn't the same as sharing that creativity with an audience.  The symbiotic relationship between artist and audience is undefineable and sacred.  

As a musician, my production company is called Brokenwing Productions.  Brokenwing is also in my e-mail address for my music business.  Sometimes people ask me why I have such a sad and depressing name for my company.  I love it when they ask!  It gives me an opportunity to get out my soap box start preaching!  Lol!

I love explaining to people that a butterfly with a broken wing can still fly, can still pollinate, and can still migrate and pro-create and do all that it is supposed to do...just like me and just like you. 


So, don't ever feel ashamed of the scars and bruises that  you acquired along the way.  You are just as whole and just as beautiful if not more so for  having made it this far.  And your journey isn't over and either is mine, and most importantly we are in this together.

Welcome to my on-line store.  The furniture that I re-furbish also has a history and I try to respect and even enhance it. Nothing and no one is disposable.  I hope that you can come into my brick and mortar store some day...I strive to make it a beautiful and peaceful place to be, to shop, to visit, to connect.

But if we never meet in person, I am glad that we can meet here.  Message me at anytime. I am nearly always available and love to connect with people who are visiting my site.

Thank you, take care and Butterfly Kisses...

Erin Livingston

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Pink and Black Butterfly

My first love...

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