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Brokenwing Healing Center

I am certified as both an Usui Holy Fire Reiki and an EFT Tapping practitioner.  At the heart of my practice is the desire to help people transform their trauma into triumph and their fear into fierceness.

Sessions can be held in your home or my home studio in Minneapolis,  or in my occasional shop in Star Prairie WI. 

Register at the bottom of this page.  

Pink and Black Butterfly_edited_edited.p

A butterfly with a broken wing can still fly, can still pollinate, and can still migrate and pro-create and do all that it is supposed to do...just like me and just like you. 


So, embrace the scars and bruises that  you've acquired along the way.  You are just as whole and just as beautiful, if not more so, for having made it this far.  And your journey isn't over... and either is mine, and most importantly we are in this together.

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