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Shy Butterfly Bakery-Specialty Yummies for Specialty Tummies

I raised a kiddo who had a rare esophageal was joked that he could eat nothing but rocks and water.  I had to make his flour blends from scratch, then make the cookies, biscuits, breads etc.  I cooked and baked for hours each day to be sure he had the nutrition he needed.  So I understand how hard it is to navigate a world where food is toxic.  I was determined to make sure that my son would at least be able to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie like all of his friends.  And that is where the adventure began...

Pink Donut

All of my baked goods can be made traditional OR according to your dietary of:









 and vegan yummies!

All you need to do is tell me what you would like. I can bake savories and              sweets, full meals or snacks for on-the-go.  Let your imagination run wild and                             place your order today!                                         I am a certified                                                      Cottage Baker and                                                food lover and 

                                          l live in the Lake                                                 Nokomis area of                                                    Minneapolis.

   Orders received by Tuesday are picked up or delivered on Saturday or Sunday.

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